Dental Implants

implant-dentures-aj-rollings.jpgAdrian first began working with dental implants at Birmingham University Dental School in the late 1980’s and is familiar with most of the major implant systems. Adrian comments ‘working with implants has been quite a journey, the implant systems have developed massively over the years and are increasingly becoming a mainstream option for the replacement of missing teeth.’

Dental Implants are most often made from Titanium, although other biocompatible materials such as Zirconia are used from time to time. It’s best to think of a Dental Implant as a replacement for a missing tooth root. If a patient has a number of teeth missing an implant isn’t always necessary for each missing tooth. In fact as few as four implants can hold a complete arch of teeth permanently in place.

Work in the laboratory manufacturing these teeth can involve using the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technology, where everything can literally be designed on a computer screen. Here at Adrian and Jacquelyn Rollings we have always invested in the latest technology and have a full Digital Design and Manufacturing capabilities.


Figure 1 Upper and lower fixed implant restorations Clinical work and images Dr Andrew Nesbitt